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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do News Alerts work?
    News alerts are activated by selecting keywords or phrases which become search terms that our system uses to locate articles that contain your chosen keyword(s). A keyword can be a person's name, the name of a company, a topic or event, or anything else. When a story is published on any of the ECT News Network online publications that contain your keyword(s), an e-mail alert is sent out to you.

    Is there any cost or obligation?
    News Alerts from ECT News Network are absolutely free of charge and there is no obligation of any kind. You may activate, suspend or cancel service as often as you wish.

    Why use this service?
    News Alerts from ECT News Network are the best way to keep up with the business and technology news that matters most to you. News Alerts sort the news for you, so you can dedicate your time to the targeted content you select to receive. News Alerts from ECT News Network are useful to anyone wanting to keep up-to-date with business and technology news and information. These days, that's nearly everybody. Business and IT Professionals, Technology Enthusiasts, Investors, PR Pros, Salespeople, Educators and Students are just some of the people benefiting from our free news alerts.

    What exactly is in the e-mail Alert I receive?
    Each alert will contain a headline, a description of your matched keyword(s), the first few sentences of the article, a link to the page where the full article resides, and an account management link that connects you to a control panel where you can update your alert settings in real-time, anytime. It is possible that an alert will contain more than one story, depending on how many alerts you have active at any point in time and whether frequencies are set to real-time or daily.

    What is the file size of these e-mail alerts?
    The average alert's file size is only about 6k.

    How often will I receive alerts?
    Daily Alerts, as the name implies, are dispatched once each day. When you activate an alert, the delivery frequency is set as Daily by default. If you wish to receive an alert for any particular keyword in real-time, use the drop down menu next to the keyword box to set the frequency to real-time.

    Real-time alerts are sent whenever an article is published containing your activated keywords. The number of real-time e-mail alerts you receive varies and depends on how many real-time alerts you have activated -- and the frequency at which articles containing the alert's keywords are published.

    Remember, each alert you create has its own delivery frequency. If you are receiving more than one alert per day, at least one of your alerts is set for real-time delivery. If you want to make a change, just click on the account management link at the bottom of any e-mail alert and you'll be taken to a control panel where you can easily edit your settings.

    Can I receive real-time and daily alerts?
    Yes. Each alert has its own delivery frequency setting.

    When will I receive my first alert?
    Again, this depends on the keyword(s) selected and the frequency with which they are published. If you pick a broad term, such as "security," you will probably receive your first alert the same day you activate service. If your search term is more targeted, such as "network security," you will only be sent an alert once that exact phrase is published on one of our publications, which may or may not be the same day you activate service for that search term.

    Will I receive duplicate alerts?
    No. Even if an article matches multiple keywords, you will only receive one alert which is triggered by the keyword that appears first in the story. The delivery frequency used for that article (daily or real-time), will be associated with the alert settings for the keyword that appears first in the article.

    Can I change the frequency of my alerts?
    Yes. If you want to make a change, just click on the account management link at the bottom of any e-mail alert and you'll be taken to the page where you can easily edit your account settings.

    How many alerts can I have active?
    There is no limit as to how many alerts you can have activated at any particular time. Create as many as you like and remember, you can update, suspend, edit or cancel your service whenever you wish.

    What should I do if I feel I'm receiving too many alerts?
    If for any reason you feel you are receiving too many alerts, the best solution is to click on the account management link at the bottom of any alert and make sure that the frequency for all of your alerts is set to Daily. By taking this action, you will ensure that you receive no more than one alert per day.

    What should I do if my e-mail address changes?
    You can always update your e-mail address by clicking the Account Management link on your alert settings page. An Account Management link is also located under the Reader Services heading, in the bottom right corner of every page of the ECT News Network publications. If you want to change your settings now, click here.

    How should I enter my search terms in the system?
    Here are some examples of ways you can customize your search terms:

    +virus +worm (finds articles with BOTH the word "virus" AND the word "worm")
    virus worm (finds articles with EITHER the word "virus" OR the word "worm")
    virus -worm (finds articles that contain the word "virus" but NOT the word "worm")
    "computer virus" (finds articles that contain the exact phrase "computer virus")

    Whom should I contact if I need assistance with the service?
    For assistance, click here to contact the ECT News Network technical team. Please be specific when making a report or seeking assistance.

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